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Yes, hi, hello, this site still needs an overhaul. I know.
May I offer up some longreads before you go?

For G-d So Loved Haiti - A reported feature about faith, imperialism, and other old stories. In the Dec/Jan 2018 issue of The Believer.

Decriminalization: A Love Story - An intimate look at the people, moods, and movements behind Portugal's decision to decriminalize all drugs. Published in Issue 14 of The Common. A Longreads Top 5.

Portugal's radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn't the world copied it? - A shorter version of the Portuguese harm reduction story, reprinted by The Guardian in Dec 2017. It was shared 34k times within 24 hours, and remained among The Guardian's most-read articles for weeks. Floored by the reactions.

Dance Revolution - On raboday, the enfant terrible of Haitian electronic dance music, and its deep down roots. Published by BuzzFeed in July 2015.
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