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I'm a freelance writer and radio producer, among other habits. I lived in and reported full-time on Haiti from 2010 to 2014, and still return often. In a recent piece for Ozy, I reflected on the strange moods and tangles of Haiti's long, troubled election season. This past summer I traced the roots of rab˛day, the enfant terrible of Haitian electronic dance music, in a long story for BuzzFeed.

Since you're here, you're also welcome to read a Reuters news feature on how murky land laws have frustrated reconstruction and infrastructure projects, a Wall Street Journal article on young Haitians' love affair with Blackberry Messenger, or a TIME story about post-quake rebuilding woes at a spontaneous settlement on a mass grave. Listen to radio profiles on Erol Josue's fight to preserve vodou and on Haiti's melancholy maestro Beken for PRI's The World, or follow as I gasp for breath running with rogue soldiers and Jacmel's carnival bad boys for CBC's Dispatches.

Before moving to Port-au-Prince, I reported from North America, Europe and Africa for major dailies, magazines, wires, television, and radio. I wrote about the roots of xenophobic violence in South Africa, drug decriminalization in Portugal, waves of European economic migration to Angola, and went on undercover pipi patrol in France with the Paris Brigade des incivilitÚs [video]. I speak five languages, have dual Portuguese-Canadian citizenship, and Masters degrees from Columbia University and Sciences Po. LinkedIn has the particulars.

I blog sometimes at www.nowarian.com. I'm on  Twitter and Instagram.

Email: susana@nowarian.com.