Haiti's Road to Reconstruction Blocked by Land Tenure Disputes || January 2013 || WEB
An ambitious road project meant to connect the southern port city of Les Cayes with Jérémie, a city in one of Haiti's most neglected regions, has become a symbol of how efforts to improve Haiti's infrastructure have run up against the country's land laws. Reuters.

In These Countries, BlackBerry Is Still King || September 2012 || WEB
The BlackBerry may be increasingly un-hip in the U.S., but in many places around the world, and on You Tube, it is still quite cool. Pop-stars from South Africa to Haiti are paying homage to the BlackBerry and its messenger service, BBM. WSJ.

The Rebranding of 'Baby Doc' Duvalier || February 2012 || WEB
The government of Michel Martelly — friend of Sean Penn and other U.S. celebrities — has decided not to pursue the ex-dictator-for-life for crimes against humanity — just corruption. TIME.

Where the Living Mingle with the Dead || January 2012 || WEB
Titanyen was Haiti's infamous dumping ground for the nameless victims of tyranny, catastrophe and disease. Now it is home to living Haitians no longer able to abide existence in the postquake tent cities. TIME.

Haiti's displaced grow increasingly frustrated || January 2012 || WEB
Haitians protest against conditions in camps as President Michel Martelly announces massive resettlement project. The Guardian.

Can Haitians Sue the U.N. for Cholera? || December 2011 || WEB
The 2010 earthquake may have been an act of god but the ensuing cases of cholera almost certainly had humans to blame. Can Haitian victims successfully sue the U.N.? TIME.

At 10, Portugal's Drug Law Draws New Scrutiny || July 2010 || WEB
Portugal's move to decriminalize illicit substances—Europe's most liberal drug legislation—turned 10 years old this month amid new scrutiny and plaudits. WSJ.

It's Too Soon to Congratulate South Africa || July 2010 || WEB
As they celebrate the close of a successful World Cup, South Africa braces for another wave of anti-foreigner violence. Part of a series on migration and xenophobia for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Foreign Policy.

Haiti: Stories of loss and remembrance || May 2010 || WEB
A multimedia tribute to those victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake who were intrinsically linked to both Canada and Haiti. CBC. Nominated for a Webby Award and Canadian New Media Award. Won a Radio-Television News Directors Association award for Best Use of New Media.

'Restauration Rapide' Nation || November 2009 || WEB
As France's frosty attitude toward fast food thaws, master chefs from Paul Bocuse to Alain Ducasse are offering up their own interpretations. WSJ.

Angolan Riches Lure New Workers || September 2009 || WEB
Nearly 35 years after winning independence from Portugal, Angola is being populated by scores of Portuguese professionals and workers laid off amid the economic slump. WSJ.

In Paris, Oui-Oui Becomes a Non-Non || September 2009 || WEB
France's capital has managed to get Parisians to pick up after pets, but the city and its elite Bad Behavior Brigade are struggling with the presence of pipi. WSJ.
[See also: WSJ.com video, Courrier International]

Suspected ETA Bomb Kills 2 Policemen || July 2009 || WEB
A bomb exploded under a police car on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca, killing two officers, in the second strike on security forces in two days. WSJ.

The French Warm Up to Lance || July 2009 || WEB
The French have been cool to Lance Armstrong in the past, considering him arrogant and overly competitive. But as he vies for a Tour de France comeback, the locals are warming up. WSJ.

France Whacks Food Tax || July 2009 || WEB
France's tax cut on restaurant food to 5.5% from 19.6% is aimed at helping to boost spending in one of the country's biggest industries -- but restaurateurs themselves say they don't expect much of a windfall. WSJ.

Sarkozy Calls Burqas Unwelcome || June 2009 || WEB
Sarkozy lashed out at the practice of wearing the Muslim burqa in the first presidential address in 136 years to a joint session of France's Parliament. WSJ.

On the Frontline ||June 2009 || PDF
At at its closest point, the Aegean border between Greece and Turkey seems like barely more than a ripple. But here, where East meets West, is the frontline in the EU's struggle with undocumented migrants. The Paris Globalist.

Madrassa House Rock! || May 2008 || PDF
Arabic language classes have become tremendously popular in the United States. So why is an Arabic dual-language school in Brooklyn causing such a stir? Masters project, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Multiculturalism: It Hurts Us All || November 2004 || WEB
Opinion piece on why Canada isn't, never was, and probably never will be a multicultural nation. The Dominion.


Marco Polo: It Ain't Where Ya From || March 2007 || PDF
Artist profile of producer Marco Polo. Pound Magazine.

Buzz: Ask Isis || November 2006 || WEB
Artist profile of rapper Isis. Walrus Magazine.

Cadence Weapon: Black on Both Sides || April 2006 || PDF
Artist feature on rapper/producer Cadence Weapon. Pound Magazine.

Skratch Bastid Steps Up || June 2005 || WEB
Artist feature on DJ/producer Skratch Bastid. Exclaim! Magazine.

Gold Chains: This Isn't Hip Hop || February 2005 || WEB
Artist profile. CBC Radio 3 webmagazine.

Jolt of Jo'burg: Tumi and the Volume || February 2005 || WEB
Music feature on band Tumi and the Volume. NOW Magazine.

The Goods: Reviving the Real || November 2004 || WEB
Artist profile on duo The Goods. CBC Radio 3 webmagazine.

On the Air: The State of Urban Radio in Canada || March 2003 || WEB
Research feature. After two years of Flow, has Canadian urban radio become a soul survivor or just another pop pretender? Exclaim! Magazine.

Buck 65: An Affair to Remember || September 2002 || WEB
Cover story on musician Rich Terfry, aka Buck 65. Exclaim! Magazine.

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