a selection of published longform, radio documentaries, and other work

For G-d So Loved Haiti

The Believer, January 2018. Longform.

Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working. Why isn’t the rest of the world copying it?

The Guardian, December 2017. Longform.

Decriminalization: A Love Story

The Common, November 2017. Longform.

Dance Revolution: How Disaster And Tragedy Spawned A Radical Music Movement In Haiti

Buzzfeed, July 2015. Longform.

Paralyzed survivor of Quebec mosque attack is still fighting to find peace

“It was a Sunday,” The Current, CBC, January 2018. Radio documentary.

A Haitian artist fights to preserve the Vodou religion

The World, PRI, January 2014. Radio documentary.

Haitians Rediscover the Melancholy Music of Beken

The World, PRI, March 2013. Radio documentary.

Lanse kòd animate Jacmel Carnival

Dispatches, CBC Radio One, March 2012. Radio documentary.

The Longest Season in Haiti

OZY, August 2016. Essay.

Haiti’s road to reconstruction blocked by land tenure disputes

Reuters, January 2013. Feature.

In These Countries, BlackBerry Is Still King—Of Pop Culture

Wall Street Journal, September 2012. A-Hed feature.

Haiti’s Earthquake, Two Years On: Where the Living Mingle with the Dead

TIME, January 2012. Feature.

In Paris, Behavior Brigade Battles To Make Oui-Oui a Non-Non

Wall Street Journal, September 2009. A-Hed feature.